As for the published commodity, sending out overseas is also possible.
Please describe clearly and ask the where to make contact etc. by fax.

About us:
We makes a mail order a subject, and sells microwave parts etc.
People, such as a company, an amateur radio , etc. of a public government office,
educational facilities, and an electric relation, use.

The main business lines :
Sales and installation such as broadcasting satellite receivers
Design, manufacturing, and sales of microwave equipment

Service foundation: July, 1975

Advertising media: Radio life magazine

Company name:Chevron Denshi / Shigekazu.Mikami


Regular holiday:Wednesday and Thursday

Business hours:
PM0 : 00 - PM6 : 00

Shipping information:
Packing,Shipping cost,etc. are not contained.
It can ship by EMS( Japan post service ),UPS and others.

Order or Technical Information - Fax only!

You may also reach us via Fax to receive technical information.
There is a case where some days hang in the reply.

Bank Information:
Bank Name:Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Bank code:0005
Branch:Osaka Ebisu(No.033)
Name:Chevron Denshi / Shigekazu.Mikami

Bank Address: 5-13-6 Nipponbashi Naniwa-Ku
            Osaka-City 556-0005 Japan

                    Phone +81-6-6632-2111